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Hero Coding & Designs is temporarily closed. I am taking no new designs at the moment. If you have a design that is still pending and/or you're waiting to have your design installed (or anything else), please let me know by emailing me. I have tried to contact everybody I can find, so sorry for everyone that has been delayed for so long! I hope you guys all have a great day! P.S. Please don't use my email for other things other then designing (chain emails, tips, etc.). If you would like tips on designing or have a question about something, please contact me on one of my blogs: Hero, Rubberboot Girl, or Dragonmaster. Thank you so much, have a great day! :)


Q: How much do your designs cost?

A: Nothing! My designs are absolutely free. All that I request is that I'm allowed to put my name on my own work, which should remain as long as the design is there.

Q: How does the installation process work when we've found the design I like?

A: It can be simply summed up like this:

1. You add me as an author.
2. I accept.
3. You turn me to admin.
4. I install the design.
5. Viola! :)

Q: What happens if I accidentally mess up something? Can you fix it for me?

A: If it's something that I've designed, yes, I can fix it! [Most likely.] If something's wrong with your HTML or something, I will try my best to help.

Q: Will you redo my design if I found out that I don't like it?

A: Of course!

Q: Why is there a waiting list?

A: I've found that I get too overwhelmed [and rather forgetful] if I do too many blogs at one time. So that's why there's a waiting list - so that people can still get their blogs done, in time, but then I don't get overwhelmed and start forgetting things I need to do for people.

Q: What does it mean if I'm on the waiting list, and why are the names numbered?

A: If you're on the waiting list, it means that I'm already working with five clients, which is my maximum limit, and you're waiting for a design from me. The numberings show who will get bumped up to work with me first when there's an open slot. (i.e. when I finish with another client.)'

Q: Where do you get your photos/graphics from?

A: I try to make most of my graphics myself, but some and mostly all my pictures are from pinterest or google images. (I do not take any ownership on those, and have taken to crediting them at the bottom of the blogs I design.)
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